Letter to Whitney Young (the Urban League)
Malcolm X (text transcribed from the actual letter from Malcolm X : A Research Site)

July 31, 1963

113 Lenox Avenue
New York 26, New York

July 31, 1963

Mr. Whitney Young
Urban League
14 East 48th Street
New York, New York

Dear Sir:

The present racial crisis in this country carries within it powerful destructive ingredients that may soon erupt into an uncontrollable explosion. The seriousness of this situation demands that immediate steps must be taken to solve this crucial problem, by those who have genuin concern before the racial powder keg explodes.

A United Front involving all Negro factions, elements and their leaders is absolutely necessary.

A racial explosion is more destructive than a nuclear explosion.

If capitalistic Kennedy and communistic Khrushschev can find something in common on which to form a United Front despite their tremendous ideological differences, it is a disgrace for Negro leaders not to be able to submerge our "minor differences in order to seek a common solution to a common problem posed by a Common Enemy.

On Saturday, August 10th, from 1 - 7 p.m., the Muslims are sponsoring another giant outdoor rally at 116th Street and Lenox Avenue. Two previous rallies this summer at the same location, attracted 5000 to 7000 Harlemites respectively. We expect our largest crowd this time, rain or shine.

We are inviting several Negro leaders to give their analysis of the present race problem and also their solution. We will also explain Mr. Muhammad's solution.

There will be no debating, arguing, criticizing, or condemning. I will moderate the meeting and guarantee order and courtesy for all speakers. This rally is designed not only to reflect the spirit of unity, but it will give you a chance to present your views to the largest and most explosive elements in Metropolitan New York.

If you cannot come, please send your representative. Invitations to participate have been sent to: Dr. Gardner C. Taylor, Dr. Adam C. Powell, Dr. Martin Luther King, James Farmer, A. Phillip Randolph, Dr. Ralph Bunche, Dr. Joseph H. Jackson and James Forman.

An immediate reply would be appreciated.

Your Brother,
Malcolm X
Malcolm X, Minister