• How can I contact Malcolm X?
    Malcolm X has been dead for 40 years now, the organizations that he started have been dissolved. You may try to contact his estate through the Official Web Site of Malcolm X.
  • Who is the creator/designer/editor/author of this web site? Where are you from? How can I contact you?
    Noaman Ali (a.k.a. nomes), you can visit my personal web site. I'm Canadian. My e-mail address is noaman.ali [at] gmail.com.
  • Can you send me some information on Malcolm X/black history? Can you send me specific information on a particular aspect of his life?
    All the information I have is on this site, if you're looking for more, try the sites in the Links section and a local library.
  • Do you have citations for the Quotations?
    For many of them, yes I do, however I am too lazy to put them online. Sorry.
  • How do I cite this web site?
    Are you sure you want to? For the most part, this site is not a proper academic resource.

  • I am looking for a specific picture of Malcolm, can you send it to me?
    All of the pictures of Malcolm X that we have are in the picture gallery in the Multimedia section. You can access them on the site, I will not send you any pictures, you can find then in the multimedia section. You can use any of the pictures (I assume they are in public domain).
    Please do not use the title bar collage (on the top left), or the header (on the top right), or the navigation bar buttons.
  • Where can I find the "This is Islam" song?
    The song was performed by Mustaqiim Sahir, and is part of his album called Upright Song.
  • Where can I find the "This is Islam" presentation?
    Google it.

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