Letter to Elijah Muhammad
Malcolm X (text transcribed from the actual letter from Malcolm X : A Research Site)

March 11 , 1964

March 11, 1964

Mr. Elijah Muhammad
4847 Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago 15, Illinois

The National Officials there at the Chicago Headquarters know that I never left the Nation of Islam of my own free will. It was they who conspired with Captain Joseph here in New York to pressure me out of the Nation. In order to save the National Officials and Captian Joseph the disgrace of having to explain for forcing me out, I announced through the press that it was my own decision to leave.

I did not take the blame to protect those National Officials, but to preserve the faith your followers have in you and the Nation of Islam.

Despite what has been said by the press, I've never spoken one word of criticism to them about your family. I will always be a Muslim, teaching what you have taught me, and giving you full credit for what I know and what I am. You are still my leader and teacher, even though those around you won't let me be one of your active followers or helpers. The present course I am taking is the only way I can circumvent their obstacles and still expedite your program.

The tears you shed in Arizona gave the public the impression that you also are of the opinion that I left of my own free will, so I'm giving a copy of this wire to the press. May Allah bless you with health and success. I am still your brother and servant.

Malcolm X